Dry Mouth Dental Care

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Dry mouth may not sound like a very serious problem, but this condition can have a number of negative effects. Dry mouth can be caused by a number of factors including prescription medications, Sjogrens Syndrome, other diseases, and treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy to the head and neck region.

Saliva is essential to dental health because it counteracts acid produced by bacteria. Acid is what causes decay. Saliva also lubricates tissues and allows you to chew and swallow foods that are dry such as bread. Additionally, it helps with digesting carbohydrates and has the ability to kill harmful bacteria. Saliva also helps your speech.

Dry mouth isn’t just uncomfortable – left untreated or unmitigated, it can contribute to infection and rapid spread of decay. With severe dry mouth, decay can take hold in as little as 8 weeks. In some cases, within 2 years of very dry mouth, most of the teeth are no longer salvageable.

Dr. Mary Makhlouf understands how to treat patients dealing with extreme dry mouth. Her dry mouth dental care includes special attention to preventing decay or soft tissue disease and infection. Are you dealing with chronic dry mouth? Here are some steps you can take to help alleviate the problem:

  • Chew gum that has Xylitol, a known caries (decay) retardant
  • Brush your teeth well immediately after every meal
  • Suck on sugar-free candy to help stimulate salivary glands
  • Avoid sucking on sugary mints or cough drops
  • Avoid juices, sodas, or sports drinks to moisten tissues, only use water for that
  • Drink lots of water to moisten and cleanse your mouth
  • Use a prescription strength fluoridated toothpaste to help reverse the damage of an acidic dry mouth
  • Visit a dentist well versed in dry mouth dental care

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